LLDPE Grinder is specially good for ABS plastic milling and have a good output of 30-40mesh.


  1. With water cycle and wind cooling, LLDPE Grinder can be applied into processing heat sensitive material.
  2. With the tail-wagging air stream (partly eddy flow) produced by the tail-wagging of the main shaft capstan of LLDPE Grinder, the input tail-wagging materials collide strongly with the board and the cutting blade, and was grinded into powdery (without sieving).
  3. Both the board and the cutting blade are made of abrasion-resistant steel, with excellent performance after heat treatment.
  4. With severeness of framework, the volume of LLDPE Grinder is quite small. If you open door closure, you can maintain it. It is completely airproof and without any dust leakage.
  5. With winding reclaiming equipment, LLDPE Grinder is features by cooling materials evenly, quick cooling and some other characteristics.

Main Technical Parameter


SMW-500 SMW-600
Blades disk 1, outer diameter:483±1mm

1, outer diameter:583±1mm

Tooth plate

1 set of 12 1 set of 14
Rotary blade 1 set of 24

1 set of 28

Main motor rev

2950r/min 2970r/min
Main motor power 37kw 45kw
Draft fan power 3kw 4kw
Rotary valve power 0.75kw



200-300kg/h 250-350kg/h
Dimensions 2500*3000*4000mm





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